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We know how important company culture is, not only for setting yourself apart from your competitors but for attracting the right candidates. With the top 20% of candidates being swayed by company culture we want to know what makes your company tick and why you love what you do. Learning about you is key to uncovering top performing candidates that match your requirements.


Our vetting process is our gold standard. We actively recruit.  We personally network with our community of over 50,000 professionals, LinkedIn and social media to uncover the talent that most companies don’t have access to.  Through our 3-step vetting process, we research and engage 60-75 candidates to present you 3.


Delivering results, not numbers is what we focus on. When you meet our top 3 vetted candidates, we ensure each one is prepared to exceed your expectations as the right fit for your open role. Through intensive interviewing and evaluation, we present you only the most qualified individuals.

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Who We Are

Amy Cole Connect has been connecting top companies with exceptional talent since 2001. In the overwhelming technology maze of uncovering, sourcing and vetting candidates; it comes down to people hiring people. Whether it’s fulfilling your hiring needs or helping a candidate find the ideal position. People are our passion.

We provide companies, like yours, with a fast-action yet in-depth staffing service. Leveraging our powerful network to elevate your job opening and secure the professional you need to get the job done is our commitment.

We introduce you to exceptional candidates saving you valuable time. We won't quit until you find your fit however, most of our hiring partners find it only necessary to meet three to four of our candidates and then hire one. Our vetting process is our gold standard.

 As an expert recruiter what sets Amy Cole Connect apart from the rest is our service in training leaders through speaking events and supporting candidates through career coaching.

If you currently have a position to fill, we welcome the opportunity to demonstrate our expertise to you. We pride our business on building lasting partnership with the companies we support and our community of exceptional candidates.

When you hire Amy Cole Connect you are more likely to uncover exceptional talent and less likely to lose the best candidates.

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