Are You a Modern Hiring Manager?

Jul 05, 2018

Are you a Modern Hiring Manager?

Major players such as Google and Apple are turning their backs on top-down organizational models to create a more sustainable, flat business structure. This restructuring means fewer levels between staff and the organizations’ top leaders. Companies now generate a culture that promotes employee involvement in decision-making and growth efforts.

With these changes, comes a significant shift in the traditional hiring manager role. As a hiring manager, you are now a people leader, not just HR. This is exciting news! Whether your organization is still hierarchical or working to embrace a more horizontal approach, you can do your part by embracing your role as a modern hiring manager.

Dr. Dave Ulrich says in his book, HR from the Outside In: Six Competencies for the Future of Human Resources, “HR professionals play three roles: Storyteller, Strategic Interpreter, and Strategic Facilitator.”

In his book, Dr. Dave Ulrich goes on to discuss how HR professionals are becoming a more purposeful partner when it comes to hiring and retention strategy.

Let’s dive into this a bit further.

Embrace Your Inner Storyteller

86% of HR professionals agree that recruiting is becoming more like marketing (add: iCIMS Hire Expectations Institute Link:

As a storyteller, you can bring the cultural aspect of your organization to life. Your company has its own stories, values, and employee narrative. How will you share these with an outsider?

Consider the fact that you are connecting candidates to a lifelong career rather than just filling a job within your organization. Build an employer brand. From there, build out an ideal candidate persona. Once you have that persona mapped out, you will better understand who you need to reach, and where you can reach them.

This strategy will ensure that, as a modern hiring manager, you focus on activities that only speak to your brand. Recruit as a marketer would. When you have a bulletproof engagement strategy, new and talented candidates are prime to apply.

Act as a Strategic Interpreter

An interpreter translates one language to another. In the modern hiring manager’s case, you are bringing the language of your organization to those you want to attract.

According to Glassdoor, organizations that invest in a strong candidate experience improve their quality of new hires by 70%. Let’s call this proactive recruiting.

When you promote a positive talent experience, which aligns with your storytelling, you will attract the right people to your organization. Engage with candidates by eagerly showcasing what it is like to work for your company. Then, keep these candidates interested by leveraging the insights of your best employees.

To be an effective Strategic Interpreter you must ensure that everyone in your organization understands the community you are trying to build. It’s up to you, to get everyone on board.

Be a Strategic Facilitator

Now that you have figured out the persona of the candidates you want to attract, how do you keep them? This is where your role as a Strategic Facilitator comes in. To better understand this final piece, let’s call you an Employee Advocate. A champion for change!

The top reasons given by employees for leaving their jobs include lack of career development (22%), lack of support with work-life balance (12%), their manager’s behavior (11%), unsatisfactory compensation and benefits (9%), and poor well-being (9%). (Link to: Rise People:

In addition to recruiting and keeping the best people, a modern hiring manager will act as a mentor. They will have a beat on the needs of their team by offering the latest career development opportunities. They will foster a positive work environment where collaboration is encouraged, and conflict, eliminated.

If you need help building a modern talent attraction strategy, you know who to call!