Are Your Customers Thinking About You?

May 10, 2021

16 Ways to Engage and Inspire Your Customers

  1. Keep your customers in the loop about the latest and greatest news from your brand

  2. Was your brand recently recognized for being awesome? Share the joy of your achievements 

  3. Make sure customers know about exciting new changes to your products or services. Let them know what they are and how they will affect them

  4. Is your company celebrating an anniversary or milestone?

  5. Include relevant statistics and data points in your communication as a sure-fire way to reassure your customers and prove your success

  6. Let your clients experience the joy of exclusivity by sending out tips and new ways to use your products

  7. Inspire your customers by sending them your latest case studies. Case studies show how customers are leveraging your products to make positive changes

  8. Use social media or your company newsletter to remind customers you have a mobile app

  9. Top 10 lists make it easy for your customers to digest information. Lists are a fun way to create engaging and entertaining content your customers will love

  10. When you launch a new product or service, put together a how-to video for social media

  11. Give your customers a time out from all the talk about your company and offer up some 3rd party app recommendations they’ll be sure to enjoy

  12. Let your customers know about you. Showcase integral members of your team and customers that have benefited from your product or service by highlighting them in an Ad, social media or PR campaign.

  13. Give your customers insight into the executive team. Everyone can benefit from a thought-provoking interview

  14. Share your positive feedback from customers

  15. Rather than wait for customers to email you questions, anticipate their problems and send out an FAQ with thoughtful answers

  16. If you have training opportunities available to customers, send them an update and let them know how to access to your services. They will love you for it