Avoid Getting Passed Up for Slam Dunk Job Opportunities!

Apr 25, 2018

Are you feeling more like a classic car these days? Does it seem as though hiring authorities like the experience that you bring but still pass you up for newer models?


We hear this situation from our candidates all the time. Age discrimination exists and, rather than ignoring this fact, I want to help you leap into the driver's seat and kick up the horsepower.


Here are some ways to show that your expertise is a must-have for any organization:


Position Yourself as a Thought Leader. When you are positioning yourself as a real expert, age quickly becomes a moot fact. Log into LinkedIn and publish some articles related to your industry. Pick up a small speaking gig with an industry association, or choose to mentor someone newer to their career.


Harness Your Fashion Sense. Have you seen the male model, Philippe Dumas? He is reaching 62 years old and has turned everything upside down when it comes to age barriers in the fashion and modeling industry. What sets him apart? He has an unexpected look with his great fashion sense, hipster-style beard, and tattoos. Be sure to go into an interview looking fresh, and fashion forward. Buy those funky glasses you've had your eye on. Have your suit tailored to fit. Dress like you mean it.


Avoid Making Your Age an Issue. Many times, without even realizing it, we see candidates involved in self-deprecating behavior that includes joking about their age or giving away too much age-related personal information. The interviewer may not even consider your age an issue until you begin to say things like “See…you CAN teach an old dog new tricks!” or, “I do my best to keep up with those millennials.” These statements may seem funny to you; however, they are highlighting a fact that may have been a non-issue.


Focus on Your Recent Experiences. Your resume should not stretch all the way back to the 1980’s. Chances are, the jobs you held back then aren’t even related to what you want now. When writing your resume, go back about ten years. Avoid adding your graduation year to the education section of your resume. In an interview, use examples that are recent, and ones that highlight your adaptability, and keen interest, when it comes to new technology and trends in your industry.


Be Present Online. In our digital age, nothing shows age more than being entirely absent from social media. It’s time to get that LinkedIn profile under wraps, add a flattering and professional photo of yourself, and if you can – get on Facebook and Instagram. Hiring managers look at many of these social channels when making a hiring decision, and if you have zero presence, you won’t receive the offer.


Teach Yourself New and Valuable Skills. Adding keywords such as Google Analytics, and Cloud Technology will boost your resume and LinkedIn profile any day. If there are upcoming tech trends in your industry, get on top of these as fast as possible. Not sure where to start? Ask someone younger than you to be your mentor. It's amazing what you will learn.


Good to Know: According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, employees aged 45–54 stayed in their positions nearly twice as long as their younger counterparts. Keep that fact in your arsenal and bring it up, if the need ever arises.


As you can see, I am passionate about helping results-oriented professionals leverage their expertise and catapult their careers. I am holding a breakthrough workshop on Get the Promotion You Deserve, Every Time!  Join me on May 8th, and I will teach you how to Package, Position, and Present yourself perfectly. Click this link to sign up (need link).


See you there!