Good Content Marketing = Strong Candidate Attraction

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Traditionally, we think of content marketing as a way to:

  • Increase customer engagement
  • Boost brand exposure to new customers
  • Build trust with potential customers

So what happens when we use this approach in our recruitment strategy?

The answer is simple! We can use content to:

  • Increase candidate engagement
  • Boost brand exposure to talented job seekers
  • Build trust with potential employees

Today, job seekers are looking for more than a paycheck. They want to join a committed team of people who have power in their industry, and the tools to skyrocket their career. If your online content marketing is stale, you risk losing these discerning candidates.

Content Positions You As Credible

In the content marketing world, E-A-T principles are highly valued.



When you have a well-planned content strategy, you are showing candidates that you are experts in your field, you are the authority they should come to, and that they can trust you.

Try viewing your content as an opportunity to be a storyteller; pushing your brand story to your customers, and talent prospects alike.

Content Shows Off Your Culture

It’s one thing to say that you have a great workplace culture, but what if talented job seekers could actually see it in action?  

Zappos is an exceptional example of using content to deliver their message on workplace culture. They have added multiple types of content to their recruitment page, including:

  • Pics of employees having a great time at work
  • Employee testimonials
  • Info on why job seekers should choose Zappos
  • Links to Zappos social accounts

Fighting perfectionism or production fears? Grab your iPhone and start filming some ‘B-roll’ of your willing employees as they go about their day. The less polished your video looks, the more trust it will build (really!).

You can learn more about video strategy in this helpful article from Animoto.

If video isn’t your thing, consider building up your company blog with intentional articles that highlight the perks of working for your company. Be sure to include content that positions you as an authority in your industry.

Content Puts Candidates at Ease

As business owners and hiring managers, it’s easy for us to forget that changing jobs can be an emotional and confusing time for job seekers.

The more you can put them at ease, answer their questions, or help them to feel ‘at home,’ the more success you’ll see; not only in candidate attraction but also in offer-to-acceptance rates and employee retention.

7 ways you can leverage ‘E-A-T based content’ to attract new job applicants:

  1. Write articles on what it’s like to work for your company
  2. Publish a case study on your employee history
  3. Create video testimonials with your happy employees
  4. Turn your job postings into videos and post them on YouTube, or IGTV
  5. Create a downloadable PDF on ‘how to get the job’ with your company
  6. Livestream your events
  7. Have active social media accounts

Scatter Your Content Like Glitter

Now that you have some content, it’s important to leave it where your ideal candidates can find it. Think about where your candidates hang out:

  • Instagram
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Snapchat
  • Pinterest
  • YouTube
  • Medium
  • LinkedIn

If you are not sure where your ideal candidates hang out online, consider surveying your existing employees. Ask them which platforms they use most often, for content consumption and job-related research.

“If you hire people just because they can do a job, they’ll work for your money. But if you hire people who believe what you believe, they’ll work for you with blood and sweat and tears.” ― Simon Sinek

Although creating a content marketing strategy around candidate attraction may not be an overnight fix, it does add long-term focus to your recruitment marketing efforts, making recruitment much easier in the long term.

Good recruitment is, after all, a long game.

Your partner in staffing,