How to choose an ATS system for 2022

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How to choose an ATS system

In today's competitive talent market, hiring candidates without an efficient system, such as an applicant tracking system (ATS), can make the recruitment process ineffective. An ATS is an important component for talent acquisition and helps you to hire the best candidates. When you hire the right candidates for your company, you rest assured that the output will be worth the input. ATS software is usually used by both small as well as large organizations to provide automation in the recruitment process. Here is how to choose an ATS for 2022. 

  1.    Consider Your Hiring Requirements
    The first step in choosing the right ATS system is to consider your hiring requirements. Before you start looking for available options in the market, it is important to have a clear view of your current recruitment processes. If you don't consider your processes, you might end up purchasing a software that doesn't meet your primary needs.
  1.    ATS Pricing 
    In the market, there is a range of ATS solutions available for different businesses. These software programs come at different prices, from low, mid, and high price ranges. Some of the factors that determine the price of a software include its features and number of users. So, take time and make sure that an ATS system has all the features you require for your recruitment process and also falls within your budget. 
  1.    Check if the ATS meets your company's size and demands
    Every company has its own primary demands. For small, medium, and large organizations, the needs are usually different from each other. Make sure that the ATS system meets your company's size and demands. 
  1.    Flexible and Expansible
    Your company will at some point decide to expand its business operations. At this point, even recruitment needs may shift slightly to accommodate the new changes. Thus, ensure that your chosen ATS system offers room for flexibility and its expansible. 
  1.    Integration features of ATS
    The ATS system should seamlessly be compatible with other systems within your organization, such as payroll systems, HR systems, among others. You might also be required to transfer your hiring information from the current to the new system. Check if the recruitment software has features to integrate with these internal systems. 
  1.    User-Oriented UI 
    The User Interface (UI) should be user oriented to help your internal recruitment team to navigate the system easily. In case you purchase a complicated system, you might need to spend extra money on training your internal team on how to use the new system. It is therefore important to ensure that the ATS has a user-oriented UI. Don't forget to involve your human resources (HR) team members. 
  1.     Go for a Partner 
    You should go for a partner and not just a provider. The ATS partner should be one that provides your company with after-sales services and product support whenever you need them. Sometimes, software problems do arise and need to be resolved as fast as possible. A partner will help you to get things back on track quickly, unlike a provider.


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