School’s Out for Summer: How to Attract Top Notch Interns

May 02, 2018

Summer is internship season! There are many benefits to hiring an intern, and if you want to attract the best-of-the-best, I can help you to get the ball rolling.


In addition to my 6 tips for attracting the right intern, I have a fantastic BONUS for you at the end of this article so keep reading, doll!


Pay Them. It’s important to understand that having an intern doesn’t mean having someone working for you, for free. There are still laws surrounding pay and, if you want to attract the cream of the crop, you need to be competitive. You are best to position yourself as a generous employer so that you can attract the right people and keep them!


Connect with a Recruiter. You may think it’s crazy to pay a fee to a recruiter for finding your rockstar intern, but digest this for one sec. According to the National Association of Colleges and Employers, employers reported converting an average of 51.7% of their eligible interns into full-time hires. That’s a very successful intern-to-hire ratio! A well-connected recruiter (like me) can match you with interns that will become long-term employees.


Offer Perks. I’m talking unique perks that are not just compensation related! Perks that may attract an intern include professional-development opportunities, networking opportunities, travel, mentorships, bonus’ towards student debt, or a flexible work schedule. Highlight these perks in your job posting. While we are on the topic of job postings – be sure to write your posting in a voice that will attract an enthusiastic young intern to your organization.


Give REAL Experience. Real tasks that build valuable skills will make your intern feel like their contribution matters. Go beyond making them grab your morning latte. This isn’t ‘The Devil Wears Prada’, my friend. Invite your intern to meetings and ask their opinion. A feeling of belonging and contribution is vital and will have fresh talent looking your way.


Go to Them. Chances are, your future intern is active on social media. You can use attraction strategies including a catchy hashtag and have a clear call-to-action based Instagram Ad. One fitting example is the athletic wear company, Under Armour, recently rated the #1 Internship Program by the team at They coined their internship opportunity the “summer league.” How catchy is #summerleague! Throughout the internship, everyone receives a mentor, and valuable face time with high-level executives. Under Armour pays interns up to $20/hour and they ensure that each intern leaves with real skills, setting them up for success.


Know How to Interview an Intern. You may be accustomed to interviewing candidates based on their work experience, but with an intern, you may need to interview based on their potential alone. This type of interview will likely not come naturally to you, which is why I created a list of interview questions to ask!


Download my BONUS PDF holding my Top 25 Revealing Interview Questions for Interns.


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Happy summer (almost!)




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