Social Recruiting: How to Attract Talent on Twitter, Pinterest, and Snapchat.

Oct 29, 2019

Social media recruitment is on the rise, and it’s blowing up faster than a Real Housewives quarrel. 

You may have heard the terms social recruiting or social hiring. Companies are using the worlds’ most popular social platforms to attract candidates, and it’s working! 

Although most social platforms do not support an actual job application, they do allow companies to start a conversation that can be shared, liked, and commented on. 

Think of it as talent crowdsourcing! 

Some of the top benefits of social media recruitment are: 

  • You can effectively attract elusive, passive job seekers 
  • You can enjoy a global reach for those tough remote opportunities  
  • You can showcase your brand and attract like-minded candidates

Here are some clever ways to experiment with social recruiting: 

Twitter: Because Twitter is super social and fast-moving, this platform can be an exceptional way to spread the word on an urgent job opening. With that said, avoid using your account to blast out job postings constantly. Try posting funny memes related to your industry, or pictures that show off your company culture, or a significant project your company has on the go. 

It’s important to show a lot of personality on Twitter; a great way to attract candidates who appreciate your company brand. 

Pinterest: This platform is highly visual, meaning it could be the perfect way to source designers and creatives of all types. 

Rather than posting job advertisements on Pinterest, try behind the scenes videos on a creative topic within your organization. You could promote your company’s workspaces, any employee travel, or special events. Be sure to link your pins to your company’s career site! 

Take Uber for instance; one of their Pinterest boards is themed ‘Driver Partner Stories.’ Here you will find they have thousands of followers who are reading inspiring stories of what it’s like to be employed by Uber. 

Snapchat: Snapchat offers an exceptional opportunity to reach millennial job seekers energetically. 

One fabulous example of effective Snapchat recruitment includes Cisco’s #WeAreCisco social media campaign. Cisco posted quick videos of employees talking about life at Cisco, and doubled down by adding these Snapchat videos to their YouTube channel. These videos we completely unedited, appealing to the Millennial’s search for authentic brands. 

Other companies such as McDonald's are using Snapchat avidly in their mission to attract 16-24-year-old candidates for their retail level positions. 

As you can see, with a social recruitment strategy, you can show off your company culture while attracting candidates who will identify with your brand. Your connection is more personal, which allows for a smoother interview process and on-boarding. 

Give me a call today, and I’ll show you how we incorporate social recruitment into every one of our client searches. 

To your social media recruitment success,