The 5 Best Hiring Tools of Today

Aug 08, 2018

Attracting and hiring the best talent is a task that requires major strategy. With increasing candidate volume, and less time to manage it all, remaining focused on your hiring goals is a significant challenge.

Here are some tips to help you optimize your candidate experience while also saving you time:

LINKEDIN. We all know about LinkedIn these days but are you using its features to their peak ability? My favorite features of LinkedIn include:

Sponsored Content: Running ads from your company’s LinkedIn page allows you to speak directly to those already engaged with your brand. Because LinkedIn demographics are so precise, you can rest assured that your dollars spent, are highly targeted.

Sponsored InMails: Sponsored doesn’t have to mean impersonal. Promote relevant content, including job openings, directly to your ideal audience.

Recruitment Ads: According to LinkedIn, recruitment ads on their platform see upwards of 50x higher click through rates than just a simple job posting. By targeting your ideal candidate through ads, you will gain faster traction, while ensuring the people you reach are the ones interested in what you have to say. Learn more here.

YOUR EXISTING ATS. Your applicant tracking system is a gold mine of candidates who have already raised their hands to say, “Choose me! I want to work here!”

When was the last time you did a deep dive into your ATS for former applicants? Those candidates may not have been the perfect match at the time of their first application, but they have likely grown exponentially in their skills and experience over the years.

Once you have uncovered a few initially overlooked candidates, send them an informative message with a link to a recent job posting that may be of interest.  

YOUR CURRENT EMPLOYEES. Try an internal employee satisfaction survey and use those results to back your next hiring campaign. For instance, ‘96% of our employees surveyed, agree that our benefits package is the most generous they have ever had!’ Those stats can go a long way!  

Employee referral bonus money is always a practical approach. Up to 70% of companies offer $1000-$5000 cash bonus’ for successful employee referrals. What is the upside for you? Studies show that employee referrals have a much higher retention rate. Read some crazy stats on employee referrals here.

DE-BIASING SOFTWARE. There is always controversy when discussing the use of AI in the recruitment process; however, we should not rule out its discussion. AI is the new wave in recruitment. De-biasing software allows you to be much more objective when making critical yes or no hiring decisions.

Unconscious bias is indeed in existence, and you can read more about it, and its effects on your business decisions, in this article.

YOUR FAVORITE RECRUITER. Hiring a recruiter whom you trust is another terrific way to exercise an unbiased approach in your hiring process. At AmyColeConnect, we match hundreds of qualified and screened candidates per year with reputable companies like yours!

You know who to call,