The game of hiring the right candidate in 2022

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The Game of Hiring The Right Candidate

Attracting the right talent is a balancing act of sorts. Your industry, expected culture (start-up versus conglomerate), benefits, and pay are the top four game pieces you need to play with when it comes to hiring. Which is the most important has more to do with who you're trying to attract.  

With the acceptance of remote work across many industries, tech pay has become the standard. Tech pay is generally higher than other industries, and many prospective candidates are asking for higher pay outside the tech walls. That noted, offering higher salaries to compete with others may not sound great for the bottom line, but the fact is, you may need to come to terms with doing just that for the talent you want.  

It's hard to offer a position, any position, without also offering a benefits package. Much like the pay increase, benefits have also received the next-level makeover. The good news on the employer's end is that the expectation isn't drastic. 

New hires still want to see that they're getting paid holidays or extended holidays. However, education grants, computer or office stipends, and health perks (paying part of a gym membership) are often customary, depending on the location.  

Talking about business or office culture is almost becoming cliche. Not because it's mentioned too much, but the hype that many institutions put into advertising their "culture" has diminished its importance. 

However, it's still not an aspect of the hiring process that should be overlooked. At the very top of your next big hire's list will be a desire to have a meaningful connection with their work and their company. Culture may very well beat compensation (to a point).


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