Top 6 Ways to Secure a Smart Hire

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Looking to Secure a Smart Hire Time and Time Again? Check these quick 6 steps to Get your Hiring Game on in #2018

We are all familiar with the idea of New Year goal setting.  For myself, I have my sights set on drinking more water, reading one book per month, and getting to Puerto Rico to help out in some small way.

Hiring the right team is the most important key to your business’ success and I want to help you to create a winning strategy for 2018.

1. Assess Your Needs

Just landed a new account? Before taking any action, you need to do a deep dive into your company’s short and long-term needs. Ensure that you are separating your immediate needs, and your dreams for future growth.

Key positions in your organization should have a 6-month lead time where, if you’re connected with the right recruitment professionals, non-core positions can be filled as soon as 4-6 weeks.

2. Keep an Eye on the Competition

Assess how competitive your talent pool is by researching the employees inside of your biggest competitors. Look at the professional profiles of their upper and mid-level management. Then, honestly ask yourself if you are missing the mark on your own team and where you can fill the gaps. LinkedIn is the perfect resource for this type of research.

3. Determine Your Budget

Once you have mapped out your immediate needs, and long term hiring goals, you should fully understand what the market is asking for the talent you seek. This includes the cost of job ads, base salary, health benefits, relocation needs, new-hire training, and more.

If you are unsure of a proper but competitive salary range for your required positions, feel free to reach out to me. I am an expert in on-boarding assessments, creating employment offers, and salary negotiations. I’m pretty fun to chat with, too!

4. Remember a Diversity Plan & New Salary History Ban

Most corporations have a diversity plan for their future hires, and it's something we should all be aware of. Employees are more aware than ever when it comes to shopping organizations who understand the importance of a diverse workplace culture.

Also, let’s not take lightly the implications of the new Salary History Ban. This new law is now effective in 23 states so it is highly likely that this change impacts you. Asking a candidate his/her past salary can cost you up to $250,000. Ouch! But no worries here...I can guide you through this as well.

5. Understand the Latest Tech Trends

When you take advantage of the latest trends in technology and software, you can streamline much of your process.

I know...keeping track of tech trends is as easy as keeping your new year's resolution. Luckily, I have some easy-to-stick-to suggestions. These include taking advantage of the unused features of your applicant tracking system, giving personality assessments to interviewees, and using your LinkedIn membership in creative ways. More about that in a future email!

6. Write High-Targeting Job Ads

Do keywords and geotags make your head spin?

A large part of writing effective and targeted job ads includes using the same language that your ideal candidates would use. We love the idea of posting job ads on high-performing job boards that use geo-tagging as part of their attraction methodology.  


If you would like to collaborate on a hiring plan for 2018, I would be thrilled to set aside 15 minutes this week, just dial - 212-727-7494. I'm all ears!

Cheers to success in 2018,


Amy Cole is an Executive Recruiter and Staffing Expert. She runs a recruiting and consulting company where she finds top talent for Fashion, E-Commerce, Sales and Digital Marketing companies across the nation.

The success of her multi 6-figure consulting business comes from Amy’s proven track record in sales and building high performing teams. Amy has over 17 years experience in filling mid to executive level positions. She has worked with leaders to hire talent within international brands such as Michael Kors, Calvin Klein and Ralph Lauren and has helped small businesses across multiple industries. As an executive recruiter, speaker and corporate trainer, she has empowered thousands of leaders and professionals with innovative hiring strategies, high-impact leadership training and coaching that catapults careers.