Professional Profile Makeover

With the job market changing at warp speed, your Professional Profile has to be razor sharp to land a job. During your 1-on-1 session with Amy, we will update your career experience and create a professional profile that hiring managers stop and read. You will feel inspired and your new brand will give you the confidence to compete in this market today.

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90-minute private coaching with Amy, $297

  • Resume and LinkedIn Review  Sign Me Up!
    Revamp your existing resume and LinkedIn “About” section to create a powerful professional profile that hiring managers stop and read. You will stand out from the competition! 
  • Identify Your Core Competencies To Compete. Sign Me Up!
    Properly package and brand your career expertise. Showcase your business acumen and leadership skills necessary today to attract hiring managers. 
  • Communicate Your Expertise To Get Hired  Sign Me Up!
    Clearly articulate your skills and the benefit you bring to a company. Through our role-play you will learn techniques to seamlessly share WHY they should hire you.  
  • Nail The Digital Interview  Sign Me Up!
    Learn how to build rapport over video and answer the behavioral questions being asked today to evaluate if you are a good fit to work remotely and lead virtual teams.  
  • Execute Your Career Transition Sign Me Up!
    Identify your transferable skills and explore alternative market sectors that are most suitable for you to make that long overdue career transition. 
  • Target Your Job Search  Sign Me Up!
    Define the work environment and company structure most compatible with your working style and past successes. You will leave with a defined strategy to identify target companies and how to approach them for job consideration.

Our Fan Club
Read about the results from coaching with Amy Cole Connect

Amy Schonauer-Bermudez
Contract Customer Specialist

"Amy has extensive knowledge of all aspects of recruiting and placement, and a very of the moment understanding of what employers are looking for.

Through working with Amy, I was able to distill my lengthy resume into a very concise document that showcased my professional brand, and this led me to have more confidence in going after the jobs I was interested in create were very much in line with my goals." 

Elena Goggin
Life Care Planner & Elder Advocate

"I haven’t stopped talking about your magic to tons of folks!!!! My My LinkedIn page now has over 800 connections and counting. My profile is much more dynamic than what was previously there. You are the first person in 6 years that was able to hone in on my unique talents and services. I finally took the marbles out of my mouth when describing what I do and who my ideal client is. My confidence level has increased and the ease in which I approach this initial conversation is a gift."

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You don’t know how to brag. When it comes to your professional brand there’s a certain level of bragging that must be done. During our session you will learn how to market yourself and effectively showcase your achievements and extensive background so that hiring companies know the benefit you bring to the table.

Your career history isn’t perfect. Whether you have a substantial gap in employment, have been at the same company for 15 years, or are trying to change your career, we will teach you how to smooth it over. By showcasing your strengths using quantitative language we will work together to position you for elevated opportunities.