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Keynote Presentation:
Transforming Recruiting Strategies In This Digital World


Audiences will learn how to modernize their hiring strategy to secure top talent.

It’s a competitive world, and companies have to rethink their hiring processes to connect with top talent. Keynote speaker Amy Cole shows you how to do just that. The aim of this talk is to inspire people to implement effective hiring processes in this new digital landscape.

The audience will learn 3 valuable take-aways to attract, engage and hire remote, and on-site candidates.

Learn how to recognize the importance of emotional intelligence, and how it appears in a virtual interview cultivating inclusivity and diversity.


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Why Book Amy?

She’s a dynamic, captivating and charismatic speaker

Her no-nonsense approach and content-rich presentations help companies find the
perfect people and teams to get ahead of competitors. 

As Founder and CEO of her New York City recruitment company, Amy has been staffing
global organizations with exceptional talent since 2001.

  • She is a natural-born speaker and knows how to connect with the audience. 
  • Her interactive approach captures people’s attention and will help you create
    an unforgettable event.
  • Her presentations illuminate new perspectives and will educate your audience.


Amy's talks and presentations are perfect for organizations who want a new perspective on the
hiring process or who struggle to connect the people in their organization. 




Human Resources

Talent Acquisition

Diversity Is An Important Aspect
For Any Organization.

The business case only gains increasing merit as both candidates and consumers demand that companies reflect them and their values.

The best place to begin creating a hiring process that leads to more diverse candidates is to understand what it means to hire for diversity.


Amy’s DEI presentations provide proven tips and inspiration that can be immediately implemented by talent acquisition, HR and hiring managers.

Humanizing Social Sourcing To Secure The Right Candidate
Finding people online is easy, but you have to standout to get a reply.

Improve Your Candidate Engagement to attract the right talent
It’s easy for tech providers to say recruiters can be replaced. The truth is recruitment is a people business. AI and bots are all meant to help the recruiting process, not replace it.

Make LinkedIn Powerful For Recruiting
Finding people online is easy, but you have to standout to get a reply.

In addition to Keynoting, Amy delivers team building virtual events that help companies achieve actionable results with workshops like:

• How to actively attract passive talent

• Collaboration for HR, talent acquisition and hiring managers

• Your company has a poor reputation for candidate experience.

• Uncovering the barriers hindering your recruitment process


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A powerful presentation will be even better with the breakout sessions we offer:
        • Uncover Leaders Through Virtual Interviews
        • Capitalize On LinkedIn to Source Candidates
        • Manage The Onslaught Of Online Applicants

In addition, we offer follow-up sessions after the event to work with your team in
smaller groups or One-on-One private sessions.

Dorothy Martin-Neville, PhD

Best-Selling Author, Master Trainer, International Speaker

Amy’s ability to provide a wealth of information in short period of time makes her the perfect speaker for those who are looking for an overview, yet with depth, in understanding the whys and how’s of LinkedIn. She is well worth the time. Inspirational!"

Karen Gordon

Director of Enterprise Risk Associate 'General Counsel

"Amy is a dynamic, informed and impressive speaker, who fully captivates her audience. We met and clicked immediately. I was so impressed that I engaged her for a business event and she was a hit - again! I have referred Amy to others and they have also been wowed. I have personally benefitted from Amy's advice and would highly recommend her to anyone!"

Sheila Ronning

CEO And Founder Of Women In The Boardroom
"Amy did a presentation on how best to leverage your network to our VIP members (senior level executive women) and it was outstanding! She has a wow factor like no other – very charismatic, great energy and the information she provided was insightful, in-depth and a lot of fun. We have asked her back for more!"

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