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You’ll discover our compelling solution based
recruiting process includes 5 essential elements:

We actively recruit!  We uncover the influencers and leaders succeeding in their fields. We don’t wait for resumes to come across our desk. 

In this digital age, we utilize multiple virtual touch points to fully assess the candidate's ability to thrive in this remote work paradigm. 

We engage our 20-year unparalleled network of professionals and executives to create a chain reaction of referrals that companies simply do not have on their own. 

We promote and market your job opening not only as an exceptional opportunity, but more importantly, as career advancement in order to attract successful, passive candidates. 

We pick up the phone!  We do not rely on social media, text or emails to vet candidates, we only use these digital conveniences to speak to candidates - live!

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We Begin With The Intake Consultation Process

We spend much of our time listening to your senior managers, directors, and HR executives. In speaking with your cross functional teams we fully understand your open position.

The more we understand your vision and corporate mission, the better we can locate and secure the right fit to also help you grow into the operation you see down the line. These demands call for an agile recruiting approach that incorporates emotional intelligence, tactical, and experiential interactions. 

Then, after we’ve heard you...

We roll up our sleeves to do the heavy lifting, so you don’t have to. Our mission is to take the stress and time that profitable hiring requires off your shoulders so you can make money elsewhere. We dedicate our team to uncovering your ideal hire, focusing 100% on your search while you focus on your business.

Diversity Is An Important
Aspect For Any Organization

The business case only gains increasing merit as both candidates and consumers demand that companies reflect them and their values.

The best place to begin creating a hiring process that leads to more diverse candidates is to understand what it means to hire for diversity. We put together this video to help you get started.


For every hiring task, we:

  • Spend hours vetting, screening, and disqualifying to present only the top-tier candidates
  • Avoid the many virtual recruitment landmines that tend to blind hiring managers today
  • Go beyond standard behavioral and informational interviewing questions 
  • Advise you on the optimal pitch to ensure that your top choice accepts your offer 
  • Manage all salary negotiations
Our ideal client is the one that values recruiting growth and partners with us for the long-term. We are not a fit for organizations focused merely on filling roles and hierarchy spots.

 We’ve only shown you the tip of the iceberg. Here’s more of what you get from Amy Cole Connect every time.

A gold standard vetting process built around Amy’s high-level C-suite network accumulated over 20 years.

What Sets Our
Process Apart?


  • Pinpoint hidden and passive talent by speaking to everyone from multiple angles
  • Employ our social team to uncover all the places your ‘most qualified candidate may be located
  • Disqualify the candidates who possess persuasive interview skills yet are unable to deliver business results
  • Scour the competition while upholding the utmost confidentiality about your search
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When you hire the Amy Cole Connect team,
you are less apt to lose the best candidates.

Do you want your ideal candidate being handled by a manager who seldom hires or someone who does this 20 times before breakfast?

We are proud to be a "Certified Women Owned Business".
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