Resume Revamp & LinkedIn Makeover Workshop

With the job market changing at warped speed, your resume and LinkedIn have to be razor sharp to land a job. During your 1-on-1 Resume & LinkedIn workshop with Amy, we will update your career experience and create a professional profile that hiring managers stop and read. Not only will you feel inspired and uplifted, your newly branded resume and LinkedIn will give you the confidence to compete in this market today.

In Just 2-hours with Amy, You Will Increase Your Number Of Job Interviews By Creating A Personally Branded Resume And LinkedIn 

In this 1-on-1 workshop you will:

  • Upgrade your resume and LinkedIn to secure elevated opportunities
  • Create an impactful online presence and promote your brand
  • Identify and establish your unique expertise
  • Create a profile that effectively showcases your extensive background
  • Leverage your LinkedIn to build credibility and make connections
  • Design a captivating brand to attract hiring managers
  • Position your expertise in a way that differentiates you from the competition
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Increase Your Opportunities!  

As an executive recruiting firm, at Amy Cole Connect, we speak with hiring managers on a daily basis. This allows us keen insight into industry trends and job specific skills and behaviors that companies are hiring today. This is a LIVE 2 hour one-on-one workshop with Amy Cole.

Positioning your resume and LinkedIn to reflect these hiring characteristics is what we do best. Flexibility, relentless energy, managing yourself remotely, excellent communication skills and the ability to pivot on a moment’s notice are just a few examples of the behaviors one must display.

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Read about the results from coaching with Amy Cole Connect

Amy Schonauer-Bermudez
Contract Customer Specialist

"Amy has extensive knowledge of all aspects of recruiting and placement, and a very of the moment understanding of what employers are looking for.

Through working with Amy, I was able to distill my lengthy resume into a very concise document that showcased my professional brand, and this led me to have more confidence in going after the jobs I was interested in create were very much in line with my goals." 

Elena Goggin
Life Care Planner & Elder Advocate

"I haven’t stopped talking about your magic to tons of folks!!!! My My LinkedIn page now has over 800 connections and counting. My profile is much more dynamic than what was previously there. You are the first person in 6 years that was able to hone in on my unique talents and services. I finally took the marbles out of my mouth when describing what I do and who my ideal client is. My confidence level has increased and the ease in which I approach this initial conversation is a gift."

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You don’t know how to brag. When it comes to your resume and digital profile, there’s a certain level of bragging that must be done. Your resume and LinkedIn are marketing tools and needs to be used as such to market yourself to your future employer. During our session you will learn how to create a resume and LinkedIn profile that effectively showcases your achievements and extensive background.

Your career history isn’t perfect. Whether you have a substantial gap in employment, have been at the same company for 15 years, or are trying to change your career, we will teach you how to smooth it over. By showcasing your strengths using quantitative language we will work together to create an impactful presence to position you for elevated opportunities.

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