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300 resumes, 17 digital-interviews later
and still can’t find the right candidate for the role.
Sound familiar?

Algorithms won’t find the right people you need

Recruiting Humanized  

Our gold standard vetting process does not simply count on AI. Within our community of over 12,000 market-savvy professionals, we uncover an "A" player who will best represent your brand and is simply not accessible to most companies.  Depend on us, not an unreliable algorithm, to simplify the hiring process for you.

Who We Are

Our recruiting firm of 21 years; Amy Cole Connect assists wholesale, e-com and digital companies in developing their teams and advancing their businesses. We’ve had the pleasure of working with global brands and manufacturers, as well as licensing and private label companies in the consumer goods, health, home and apparel sectors.


What Roles We Staff

We place professionals at all levels from Project Management to Sourcing, Logistics and Supply Chain, to Account Executives and National Sales, to Design and Design Directors, to E-com Developers and Digital Managers.

Keep scrolling down for detailed information about our
recruiting style/process and how we are helping companies navigate diversity, equity and inclusion. 

Holler with any questions. Looking forward to working together.

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For Consumer Goods & E-Commerce:
Sales, Marketing, Analytics, Design, Product Development, Logistics/Supply Chain


You’ll discover our compelling solution based
recruiting process includes 5 essential elements:

1. We actively recruit!  We uncover the influencers and leaders succeeding in their fields. We don’t wait for resumes to come across our desk.

2. In this digital age, we utilize multiple virtual touch points to fully assess the candidate's ability to thrive in this remote work paradigm.

3. We engage our 20-year unparalleled network of professionals and executives to create a chain reaction of referrals that companies simply do not have on their own.

4. We promote and market your job opening not only as an exceptional opportunity, but more importantly, as career advancement in order to attract successful, passive candidates.

5. We pick up the phone!  We do not rely on social media, text or emails to vet candidates, we only use these digital conveniences to speak to candidates - live!

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Diversity Is An Important
Aspect For Any Organization's
Hiring Process

Your business increases merit, productivity and profitability as your workforce reflects your potential hires and consumers diversity, values and passions.

The best place to begin creating a hiring process that leads to more diverse candidates is to understand what it means to hire for diversity. We put together this video to help you get started.


What Sets Our
Process Apart?


• Pinpoint hidden and passive talent by speaking to everyone from multiple angles

• Employ our social team to uncover all the places your ‘most qualified candidate may be located

• Disqualify the candidates who possess persuasive interview skills yet are unable to deliver business results

• Scour the competition while upholding the utmost confidentiality about your search

A Few Words From
Our Fan Club

Kevin McFall
CEO and President of Branding LLC

Amy & Lisa make the hiring process seamless. Professional and full of integrity, with a passion for people, they always know how to fit individuals into my existing cross-functional teams. In the 18+ years that I have worked with AmyColeConnect, they have discovered the exact candidates who fit my company culture so precisely that these dedicated employees have stayed with me for many, many years. My partnership with AmyColeConnect has saved me time, money and turnover of employees which is the toughest part of doing business in any industry.

Michael Gross
CFO Jump Design Group

Amy and her company Amy Cole Connect are one of the best employee search firms in the marketplace. She has always been able to find the best qualified people to fit our immediate needs. Her professionalism is a breath of fresh air these days. Love working with her.

When you hire the Amy Cole Connect team,
you are less apt to lose the best candidates.

Do you want your ideal candidate being handled by a manager who seldom hires or someone who does this 20 times before breakfast?


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We are proud to be a "Certified Women Owned Business"