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Diane R.
Vice President Human Resources

"It is an absolute pleasure working with Amy Cole Connect. Thanks to their deep understanding of the fashion industry, we are consistently impressed with the caliber of candidates they represent, and we have made many exceptional hires with their agency. If you are looking for a recruiting agency to truly listen to your needs and partner on your success, look no further."

Dana A.
HR Generalist

"If you’re looking for a recruiting team to bring you highly qualified candidates in a timely manner, Amy Cole Connect is the agency to call. Their deep understanding of the Fashion industry is unparalleled. They have an uncanny ability to identity top talent that fits our culture and benefits our business goals right off the bat. Their commitment to excellence and ease of communication have made them a trusted partner for many years. I love working with Amy and her team!"

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Our meticulous three-step vetting process ensures that only top-tier candidates walk through your doors

Your Brand

Unleash the magic of your company culture to attract the best and brightest. Let's dive into what fuels your company's spirit and keeps the excitement alive.

By getting to know your unique vibe, we'll connect you with exceptional candidates who align perfectly with your brand and business initiatives. We welcome the opportunity to jump on a quick call to discuss your hiring needs and showcase how our recruiting process can benefit you.

Source & Vet

Get ready to witness our gold standard vetting process as we actively seek out top talent instead of waiting for candidates to come knocking. Statistics demonstrate that passive candidates make better hires, they are typically highly skilled, experienced, and successful in their current roles.

 Through our extensive network of professionals, we personally connect and uncover hidden gems. By leveraging the power of our community, LinkedIn, AI, and social media, we uncover a pool of talent that is rarely accessible to most companies. Our meticulous 3-step vetting process kicks into high gear as we thoroughly engage and vet candidates. Brace yourself to meet the top 3 candidates who will redefine excellence in hiring.


It's all about delivering tangible results. Through rigorous evaluation utilizing behavioral interview questions, we curate a selection of the utmost qualified individuals exclusively for you.

When you encounter our elite trio of vetted candidates, be prepared to interview individuals who are prepared to surpass your expectations and seamlessly fit into your open role. We’d love the opportunity to show you our process in a conversation about your hiring needs. 

Don't hesitate to make use of our link below to schedule a commitment-free discovery call. We're eager to showcase how our approach can streamline your hiring process and assist you in securing top tier enthusiastic candidates.

When you hire Amy Cole Connect you are more likely to uncover exceptional talent and less likely to lose the best candidates.

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