Career Coaching Intensive
With Amy Cole

Repackage Your Professional Brand

What to expect:

Are you at a career crossroads, facing the unexpected need to revamp your personal brand? Look no further than Amy Cole's Career Coaching Intensive, a transformative program designed to help you refresh, reimagine, and present your professional experiences in a way that captivates hiring authorities and aligns perfectly with what companies are seeking.

Get ready to unlock the confidence to weave your newfound dynamic brand seamlessly into every aspect of your professional communication, from your resume and LinkedIn profile to your cover letters and business conversations.

Together, we'll empower you to create a compelling brand that sets you apart and opens doors to exciting new opportunities.


In this executive career coaching intensive one on one,
I share my expert experience of packaging professionals
to compete and land high-level positions.

Together you will rethink, realign and reposition your professional experiences so that you are ready for opportunities and primed to pivot on a moment’s notice. In only 5 weeks, your personal brand, leadership expertise, and professional profile will be razor sharp, positioning you as a leader in any industry.

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What's the Process?

Amy will direct educational, interactive segments to help you define and create your professional brand as well as give you the tools to better present your expertise on and offline.

To get the most out of our Professional Edge Intensive, we recommend that you come prepared to be challenged, think on your feet and express your best self.

This is a collaborative intensive workshop. Fun, Fast and Powerful.

The Transformation

Presenting a concise focused professional package as it relates to the every changing needs of today’s market, is the foundation to building credibility in the workplace.  Once strategically presented, you can and will position yourself for business opportunities.

I am passionate and dedicated to your success and will give 200% throughout our time together. Please understand that we are a team and that your dedication to and preparation for our focused Day is imperative to your success as well.

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Hear From Our Fan Club

Kristina Pandozzi
MSI Change Management Specialist

I just can't say enough great things about Amy Cole... she's vibrant, alive, energetic, and knows how to move you forward. Thank you, Amy, for a fabulous working session last night with the NYC Chapter of the American Business Women's Association. I took your coaching and already received an (unsolicited) call from someone today in response to a change I made to my LinkedIn! You really ARE the Connection Expert.

Elena Goggin
Life Care Planner & Elder Advocate

I haven’t stopped thinking about you and talking about your magic to tons of folks!!!! My LinkedIn page now has over 800 connections and counting. My profile is much more dynamic than what was previously there. You are the first person in 6 years that was able to hone in on my unique talents and services. I finally took the marbles out of my mouth when describing what I do and who my ideal client is. My confidence level has increased and the ease in which I approach this initial conversation is a gift.

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Together we will up-level your Professional Branding, Profile Strategy,
Presentation Tactics and Career Positioning to Fearlessly Advance your Career.

This intensive is five 90-minute strategic sessions.
$3,500 - payment options are available

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