About AmyColeConnect

AmyColeConnect is the brainchild of two sisters, Amy and Lisa.

We have been connecting top companies with exceptional talent since 2001.

Building upon our years of sales management and marketing for such global brands as Michael Kors and Calvin Klein, we realized that inspiring individuals and building teams was at the core of our successes. 

Fast forward 19 years, we build innovative teams and advance careers. We owe our success to the power of personal networking and propel our clients’ businesses by uncovering outstanding talent.

"We have always loved supplying our clients with qualified employees and supporting our candidates in achieving their career goals.

An Executive Recruiter, Career Coach, and L&D Trainer of 20 years, Amy knows the critical tactics businesses need to survive and the specific skills hiring managers are looking for in today’s employees.

Her inspiring weekly career zoom, which focuses on the current work climate, teaches professionals how to rebrand their business and communicate their career experience to be relevant today. Each week, she invites guest speakers to share their unique perspectives. They offer essential tips on moving forward with confidence in this challenging work paradigm. 

Whether you’re looking to staff Design, Sales, Digital Marketing or Ecommerce positions, we are dedicated to building your dream team.

No algorithm, AI or computer generated filter can replace our personal approach.  In order to identify the best man or woman for your critical role, vetting means reviewing dozens of qualified and unqualified applications so we invest countless hours personally engaging and screening candidates so you don’t have to.

We present you only the most qualified individuals. Delivering results, not numbers, is what we focus on.

As recruiters, we know how to attract and win talent that embody your culture and surpass your business expectations.

Plain and simple. People are our passion – Recruiting is our business.


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