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Amy Cole is an unstoppable force when it comes to driving business success. As a dynamic speaker and recruitment expert, she is wholeheartedly committed to empowering companies to thrive.

With an impressive background spanning over twenty years in various industries, Amy brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the table. Her unrivaled skills make her the go-to person for guiding organizations towards discovering extraordinary talent and achieving that sought-after competitive edge.

When it comes to finding the perfect match for your company's needs, Amy Cole is the name you can trust to deliver outstanding results.


Elevate Your Hiring Strategy
to Attract Top Talent

Amy’s presentations will demonstrate the value and the importance of virtual tools, the hidden candidate market and the behavioral communication tactics that are necessary to hire with confidence. Your teams will be inspired to rethink and adapt their approach to hiring in 2023.

Amy has a gift for merging effective recruiting practices with current technology while never losing focus on the importance of the human spirit. Amy will engage and inspire your audience.


Merge Recruiting Practices and Technology
for Unprecedented Success

Amy possesses a unique talent for seamlessly blending effective recruiting practices with cutting-edge technology. Recognizing the significance of the human spirit in hiring, she strikes the perfect balance between innovation and personal connection.

Prepare for an engaging and inspirational experience as Amy shares her wealth of expertise with your audience.

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Unparalleled Insight and Impact

Amy Cole is more than just committed and passionate—she is a force to be reckoned with. As the founder of Amy Cole Connect, a premier recruitment agency for project managers, she brings a wealth of knowledge and a dynamic presence to the stage. Amy captivates audiences with her magnetic personality and empowers them to create extraordinary events.


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Dorothy Martin-Neville, PhD
Best-Selling Author, Master Trainer, International Speaker

Amy’s ability to provide a wealth of information in short period of time makes her the perfect speaker for those who are looking for an overview, yet with depth, in understanding the whys and how’s of LinkedIn. She is well worth the time. Inspirational!"

Karen Gordon
Director of Enterprise Risk Associate 'General Counsel

"Amy is a dynamic, informed and impressive speaker, who fully captivates her audience. We met and clicked immediately. I was so impressed that I engaged her for a business event and she was a hit - again! I have referred Amy to others and they have also been wowed. I have personally benefitted from Amy's advice and would highly recommend her to anyone!"

Sheila Ronning
CEO And Founder Of Women In The Boardroom
"Amy did a presentation on how best to leverage your network to our VIP members (senior level executive women) and it was outstanding! She has a wow factor like no other – very charismatic, great energy and the information she provided was insightful, in-depth and a lot of fun. We have asked her back for more!"

Wow Your Audience!

Amy's compelling recruiting presentation reveals three simple strategies to attract, vet, and secure top-notch hires in the year ahead. Bolster your hiring strategy to source hidden candidates and land exceptional talent. Harness the power of automation by leveraging artificial intelligence to source and engage candidates. Discover the crucial art of asking questions that unveil past behavior, enabling you to predict future performance accurately.

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