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Does Your Company's Communication
Lack Communication?

Communicate to lead. 
Invest in your managers' communication skills. When your organization's management layer has strong communication skills, it builds trust and enhances performance.

The most effective leaders lead when they speak. They persuade others in their phone calls, meetings and presentations. They realize their power lies not in their title but in their ability to influence and inspire others to act.

The vast majority of managers and executives have not yet learned how to speak as leaders.

Amy’s leadership communication methodology breaks down the process into three simple and practical concrete steps:

• Adopt a leader’s mindset
• Master the language of leadership
• Project a leader’s presence

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300+ Resumes -- And Still Looking?
Recruit To Retain

Interview, hire and lead virtual and onsite teams. The candidate and on-boarding challenges you faced in 2020 and now in 2021 are not new.

If people are your greatest asset, why are you allowing algorithms to vet your next best hire?  In today’s online world, your goal is to humanize the hiring process to uncover the right fit for the job.

As your company rethinks how your teams’ function and perform, Amy highlights the importance of combining virtual tools with behavioral communication tactics to hire with confidence.  As well as the importance of emotional intelligence and how it appears throughout the virtual interview process.

The aim of this talk is to improve your hiring process and implement effective interviewing and on-boarding processes to hire the candidate most likely to succeed in your role.

• Attract the right talent even in this candidate abundant market
• Avoid common virtual interviewing pitfalls to prevent hiring a great interviewer but not so stellar  executer
• Outline precise on-boarding practices to empower new hires and retain top talent

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Diversity, Equity and Inclusion,
Does Your Management
Understand The Value?

DEI drives progress, productivity 
and profitability. 
The DEI vision is communicated throughout the company however months pass and all efforts seem to dwindle.

So, what happened? This is not unusual. Statistics demonstrate that enthusiasm rarely sticks past senior leadership.

Companies want diversity and inclusion to catapult their overall success but struggle to generate the necessary buy-in.

Getting managers on board during the hiring process from the get-go is paramount to achieving inclusivity.

Amy outlines a framework to help companies understand the dynamics of DEI in their organization. Her engaging presentation offers solutions to shift mindsets, behaviors, and practices, positioning companies toward more equitable and inclusive management, individuals, and teams.

• The importance of DEI in your organization
• Action steps to recruit and hire a diverse inclusive workforce
• Proven DEI initiatives that drive progress, productivity and profitability

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Hiring & Leading Top Talent

Amy's passion for people
and 20-year staffing expertise are a winning formula for a captivating event


Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

As a hiring expert, Amy's inspirational DEI presentations provide proven tactics that can be immediately implemented by companies and hiring managers

The best place to begin creating a hiring process that leads to more diverse candidates is to understand what it means to hire for diversity. We put together this video to help you get started.


Communicate To Lead

Amy's effective communication strategies will be sure to drive workflow and increase the productivity of your teams


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Dorothy Martin-Neville, PhD
Best-Selling Author, Master Trainer, International Speaker

Amy’s ability to provide a wealth of information in short period of time makes her the perfect speaker for those who are looking for an overview, yet with depth, in understanding the whys and how’s of LinkedIn. She is well worth the time. Inspirational!"

Karen Gordon
Director of Enterprise Risk Associate 'General Counsel

"Amy is a dynamic, informed and impressive speaker, who fully captivates her audience. We met and clicked immediately. I was so impressed that I engaged her for a business event and she was a hit - again! I have referred Amy to others and they have also been wowed. I have personally benefitted from Amy's advice and would highly recommend her to anyone!"

Sheila Ronning
CEO And Founder Of Women In The Boardroom
"Amy did a presentation on how best to leverage your network to our VIP members (senior level executive women) and it was outstanding! She has a wow factor like no other – very charismatic, great energy and the information she provided was insightful, in-depth and a lot of fun. We have asked her back for more!"

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