2022 Workplace Crystal Ball Predictions

Oct 26, 2021

Your Workplace in 2022: Crystal Ball Predictions 

2022 will usher in the age of hybrid. Compromises will be struck between employers eager to jump back to in-person presence and employees that cherish remote working. Automation and digital transformations will lead to new cultures, and employers may need to implement bullish measures to score top talents. These are our crystal ball predictions for the future of work in 2022.

Virtual and Exciting  
In the past two years, businesses (even in sectors that demand more physical proximity) have witnessed more than average digital transformation. Remote operations, virtual meetings, and digital employee engagement procedures are likely to continue. 

Employers will need to identify the best strategies to attract and motivate virtual talents. The right technology and data will be required to hire innovative people that thrive in the new culture.

Smaller Footprint and Less Crowded
Companies have jerked up the adoption of flexible work schedules for their teams. This corresponds with an increased demand for flexible workspaces. Data by McKinney shows that businesses plan to cut back on office space by 30%.

As we advance, employers must focus on the productivity and self-organizing ability of workers at a distance. AR/ VR technology will be critically leveraged in hiring and training.

Smoother Human + Machine Collaborations 
Before the pandemic, technological tsunamis were set to hit hard. Workers massively invested in  advanced education to protect their careers from the threats of Artificial Intelligence and robots.  Employers prioritized technical aptitude in hiring. 

Today, countless businesses are deploying  robots and AI in grocery stores, warehouses, and production plants to cut costs and improve safety. The ability to hire automation-ready talents will depend on the digital maturity level of the recruitment process.

Skilled Teams with a Larger Payroll 
Given the financial stresses of the past year, a considerable percentage of workers will be looking to transition to higher wage brackets. Most of them will need reskilling and upskilling to get there. 

Businesses will need to perform broad skills assessments to find and match the right people to the right tasks. Top-selling skills for promotion and career advancement will be emotional intelligence, critical thinking, and technological capabilities.

Employees with an Upper Hand
Unemployment rates are expected to surge in 2022, but still, candidates will be in control of the labor market. The best candidates are selective and hesitant to dip their toes in the unknowns of every new job change.  

Employers will need to be strategic to improve their brand and present better offers. At the same time, businesses might need to increase reliance on talent sharing.

These scope of changes set off by the pandemic underscores the need for adaptability and extraordinary flexibility in talent acquisition going forward. 

Employers must step out into the market to get the right talents. Recruiters must be proactive in attracting the right talent, as opposed to waiting for applications. 

If your business faces recruitment challenges in 2021, it would be best to partner with a recruitment agency.