How to Ensure Long-Term Job Retention

Jun 18, 2018


According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, 1.3 million US residents currently struggle with long-term unemployment. Although unemployment rates may be static the past few months, we are still seeing major economic strain, mass layoffs, and inequality when it comes to hiring and firing decisions.

I have spoken with thousands of job seekers, and I hear the same thing again and again, “Amy, I don’t know why I lost my job. I thought I was doing everything right.”  I know that it is not only hard to get a job, but it’s also equally as difficult to KEEP your job through these changing times.
Here is the secret: staying relevant.  

These are some ways to ensure that you remain relevant in today’s employment climate:


Offer Innovative Ideas- If the organization you work for is looking to make a broad sweep to save costs, the best way to ensure that you are kept is to keep your eye out for cost savings and present your ideas to the company. Doing this will position you as an ally of the organization, showing your boss that you care about the bottom line. Offer up some ideas for cost savings - going paperless, decreasing water use, sourcing less expensive vendors for paper and coffee or introducing priority management apps that save time and dollars. BONUS: You can add these cost-savings results onto your resume - shows great initiative.

Take on New Projects- If you work for a smaller company, you could offer to head up their social media, or to re-write the sales scripts that you feel are a touch outdated. If you work for a large company, ask to be partnered on a project with a major client or let your boss know that you aren’t afraid to take on some additional cold calling time to drum up more business.
Taking added coursework and further educating yourself is another excellent way to show that you are fully immersed.

Good Vibes Only- Let’s get real for a second. There is being positive, and then there is being annoying – which can be a fine line! Be approachable, ask questions, and offer help. Being likable is a huge factor when it comes to keeping your job. Look what happens to celebrities when they fall out of favor. Poof – they’re gone! Just avoid being a people-pleaser. You want to be respected, not a doormat

Make Everyone’s Job Easier- When was the last time you asked, “How can I support you?” This magical question immediately makes others feel at ease and, when used in the workplace, shows that you care and are capable. Improve the performance of others! Making other people’s jobs easier is a wonderful way to improve their performance while showing your unrelenting team-based mentality.

Keep Track of Successes- When you have your performance reviews, it is vital that you can look back on your successes and bring up each way that you have made a positive impact on the company. Fill your boss’ brains with all the reasons why you are a change agent, and what the direct cause was of your hard work and innovation. Be sure to add these successes to your LinkedIn profile, and your resume. You want to be prepared with actionable and tangible answers at all times.

Some excellent advice from Joshua Lee, a strategic growth coach and President of StandOut Authority, “I look for people who are completing their assignments and asking what that next task is going to be. They help their colleagues instead of stepping on them in their climb up the ladder. I love to promote people on my team who raise the performance of everybody around them.”


Remain relevant in your role by being authentically you, and always a step ahead of the game.