Time To Re-Think Hiring?

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Time to Rethink Hiring

There’s stiff competition for the right talent. While unemployment rates have come down, the challenges in the labor market are immediate and disruptive.

Current research finds 78% of employers feel they appropriately (and clearly) set job expectations either in the job description or in their limited communications with candidates. Only 47% of candidates agree. 

Companies need to find a better balance. 

To combat these perceptions, companies who want to hire top talent in their fields must be able to show an attainable and transparent commitment to their current and future employees. By taking their company profile beyond the words and mottos, they must be able to frame their company values, and how they view both customer and employee in a way that resonates with the people who are oftentimes both. 

In a IBM Analytics white paper, rejected employees were found to be more likely to reapply to (and buy from) an organization they viewed as positive. However, most employers have not invested in a way to capture the necessary data to provide insight into not only the type of people in their hiring pool, but how to ensure their hiring process brings in the people they need to grow their businesses.

This lack of communication and insight, to include interaction and feedback from both hired and rejected candidates, creates a huge misstep, as evident by the results of research from CareerBuilder that states 65% of applicants are less likely to buy from a company that did not provide the professional courtesy of a follow-up call after the interview and selection process is completed. 

Companies willing to invest in their hiring process may learn that their candidate application process, from brand to hire, is the reason their hiring pool is limited. But it takes a great company to understand that the goldmine of data they can collect can evolve them into a next-level employer, where applicants aren't just afforded the opportunity to give feedback but are crucial to the company's growth and development.  

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