Is Your Candidate Experience Human Enough?

Sep 06, 2018

Technology has changed everything that we do. Processes are automated, our time spent vetting candidates has been cut in half, and applicant tracking systems grade candidates for us automatically. It’s all incredible, but are we forgetting the necessary human touch?

According to a recent report from Globoforce and Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM), human resource leaders are once again focusing on a more human approach to recruitment and retention related topics. The full report can be read here.

Here are some ways you can build unforgettable candidate experiences:

Pre-Application: Create value before asking anyone to apply. Value can be built through highly personalized job ads, or a free resource to help candidates in their professional journey.

Relationship building begins here. Be sure to attract those you want in your community by speaking their language. Highlight your most attractive internal offerings to draw them in.

Need ideas? Read this article from Forbes on ways to attract, and hire, diverse candidates.

During the Application: Have an application platform that is engaging and simple to use. The fewer roadblocks, the more likely a candidate will be to complete their application.

According to research, application rates increase exponentially when a job application takes under 5 minutes to complete. One great example is McDonald's and their online application strategy.

Another excellent example is IBM, who uses artificial intelligence to help candidates apply to jobs according to their strengths and interests. Check out IBM’s ‘Watson Candidate Assistant.’

Before the Interview: Allow your candidates to feel welcome, and help them put their best foot forward. Have you ever considered providing an interview kit?

A well-rounded interview kit could include:

  • Clear directions to your office
  • Directory and history of who they are meeting
  • An outline of your interview process and steps
  • Suggestions on what to wear
  • A question set list to warm them up
  • Helpful interview tips
  • Brief list of competencies you are looking for

In the Interview:  Nordstrom Rack has an incredibly high interview enjoyment rating. Their secret? A quick turnaround process paired with a personalized interview approach. Nordstrom prefers to have a conversation with their candidates versus intimidating them with overly tricky interview questions.

Be warm and welcoming. Discuss your personal experiences with the company or share an inspiring story of someone who rose to the top within your organization.

At Rejection: Rejection doesn’t have to be negative. This candidate was not your top choice, but they should have the opportunity to rate their candidate experience. Ask for feedback on your processes and display that you are continually improving, accepting of feedback, and willing to grow. You have an opportunity for this person to remain an ambassador for your brand, and perhaps apply again in the future.

At the Offer Stage: Don’t drop the ball now! Just because an offer is extended, it does not mean guaranteed acceptance. Everyone receiving an offer should have a personalized experience. This means a phone call or meeting to outline your proposal clearly.

Share with your successful candidate what their first day will look like and have a well-laid-out onboarding package, so they are fully prepared and confident for their first day on the job.If there is significant time between offer acceptance and their start date, be sure to have multiple touch points such as a quick lunch or an email to check in and let them know you are excited about their start date.

Remember- every connection should be meaningful. Show appreciation to those who express interest in your company!

Need help navigating a more human approach? I’m a phone call away!