What Stops Employees from Applying to Internal Roles?

Aug 17, 2022

More people are examining their career opportunities because of the pandemic. Yet, most employees don't consider their current organization for new roles. This occurrence threatens many employers, as they are loosing valuable talent.

In this article, you will learn about the barriers that prevent employees from applying to internal roles and how to overcome them.

  1. Lack of Awareness

For many employees, information about a job opening is more accessible for external openings than internal ones. The reason for this is that most organizations don't communicate internal job openings formally. So, who gets the info? Right! Only the employees with better social connections.

  1. Limited Access to Opportunities

Employees may also discard internal job openings if they think someone else is more likely to get the position. Wouldn't you too? Usually, organizations prioritize internal job openings for recognized talent. This situation leaves the other employees with external growth opportunities only.

  1. Little to No Support

Employees who don't feel the organization's Support while pursuing internal roles are more likely to look for external ones. To them, doing so is more convenient than requesting or persuading their hiring managers to consider them for the opening.

How to encourage employees to apply for internal roles

The internal labor market may not favor every employee. However, you can ensure the retention of most of your employees through these measures:

  1. Increase Awareness

Notify your current employees of open roles in the organization. You can do this through internal job boards or platforms that will match prospects to suitable jobs.

  1. Embrace Inclusivity

Yes! As a hiring manager, you should aim to give growth opportunities to all employees. For this, provide career coaches and mentors to work with them.

  1. Show Support

Most employees fear awkward situations with their current supervisors if they fail to get the prospective position. Who can blame them, though? To avoid this, both parties should discuss the employee pursuing future roles to prepare themselves.

With the current situation, consider hiring internally to avoid losing talent. The measures above will help you get a competitive advantage by retaining your valuable employees. For your hiring needs and tips, schedule an appointment through our calendar.


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